SAC ACCP was established in 2006. It all started with the ACCP board of regents under the leadership of Dr. Lawrence Lesko (ex president of ACCP), proposing at the meeting in March 2005, to explore setting up international chapters. Dr. Chandrahas Sahajwalla, then chair of the Membership committee for ACCP took the lead in identifying qualified scientists in India with passion and drive to promote Clinical Pharmacology and the principles and values of ACCP. On March 14, 2005 Dr. Sahajwalla invited Dr. Nilima Kshirsagar to take the initiative and start the process of starting an ACCP chapter in India. Under her leadership after enlisting the support and help of core funding members in India and several teleconference between the American and Indian counterparts, Dr. Nilima Kshirsagar submitted the paperwork to ACCP to establish the chapter on Nov.6, 2006. Dr. Kshirsagar’s request to begin the South Asian chapter of the ACCP in India was approved by the board of regents.
Thus began the journey of the South Asian Chapter. Dr. Nilima Kshirsagar an accomplished clinical Pharmacology researcher and teacher had foresighted the need to educate, train and guide young Clinical Pharmacologists from the Country as well as neighboring countries, in research and therapeutics relevant to the developing world.
In the process of creating the chapter, past and present students and faculty of the G.S Medical College and KEM Hospital in Mumbai, departments of Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacology, experts, well-wishers from other academic institutions, industry and government organizations contributed. In the past 8 years, the chapter has grown by leaps and bounds. It has organized annual international conferences and several workshops in collaboration with the University, National Research Institutes with generous funding and help from ICMR, DBT, DST, CSIR Govt. of India, WHO and Pharmaceutical industry. From a modest attendance in the first conference, the participation has grown several folds attracting both industry and academica participation.
The Organizing committee has invited faculty from within country and other countries such as UK, USA, Nepal, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and, WHO for these conferences and workshops. Many from India and other countries notably Ashok Vaidya, Kiran Marthak, Nithya Gogtay, Anish Desai, Sanish Davis, Manoj Jadhav , Sagar Bacchav, Neema Rege from India David Lehman, Chandrahas Sahajwalla, Hartmut Derendorf, Guenther Hauchaus from USA, Robin Ferner from U.K, Shanti Pal from WHO, PriyaBahri from EMA have contributed to the chapter.
We are very confident of the future of the chapter and wish to make it an important platform for fostering the discipline of clinical pharmacology in the young and senior, whether they are in academia, industry, government or non-governmental organizations specially from South Asian Countries.